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Sports flooring

  • CBQ-PVC,Commercial  indoor PVC sport flooring
  • CBQ-PVC,Commercial  indoor PVC sport flooring
  • CBQ-PVC,Commercial  indoor PVC sport flooring
CBQ-PVC,Commercial  indoor PVC sport flooringCBQ-PVC,Commercial  indoor PVC sport flooringCBQ-PVC,Commercial  indoor PVC sport flooring

CBQ-PVC,Commercial indoor PVC sport flooring

  • Size: 1.5m width, 10m/15m/20m length
  • Thickness:2mm, 3.5mm,4.5mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 9mm
  • Color: Colorful color for black, red, green, grey, blue, yellow, orange...
  • Features: environment non-toxic material, good anti-slip and flexible safety floor, colorful color durable can be use for more than 10years
  • Product description: Commercial indoor PVC sport flooring


PVC Indoor sports flooring are widely installed in stadiums with Indoor and outdoor sports facility.. These flooring being made out of 100% PVC, they are water and humidity resident. PVC Indoor & outdoor sports flooring are easy to repair and long lasting. The most profound characteristic of PVC Indoor sports flooring is that it is safe because it reduces friction caused by heat and injuries caused because of slippage.

Customer Questions & Answers:

Q: Who are you?
A: We CBQ are rubber flooring industry leader, with 12 years of production experience. We continue to provide high-quality environmentally friendly rubber and plastics products. And provide a variety of OEM customization, while providing one-stop shopping services.

Q: Will my payment money be safe?
A: Yes Dear, We are a regular company that can be traded through alibaba.com and made-in-china.com

Q: How to choice the flooring? I don't want cost so much.
A: The direct impact of the price is the thickness of the floor, contact us to recommend the best combination for you
Q: Are there any chemicals used in the flooring? And if so what kind?
A: Our CBQ Rubber Tiles are made with recycled rubber tiles and EPDM virgin rubber color chips. A polyurethane adhesive is used to hold the tiles together. There are no hazardous chemicals used to make these tiles, and the only allergen that may be present is latex. Since these tiles are made of recycled rubber, the amount of latex in our tiles is very minute and would not make a person react in most instances when in contact with the flooring.

And more. We also supply tiles and surface solutions for Playgrounds, Decks, Roof tops and Walkways.

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